Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 v12.1.2.69 Windows x64

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Software – One of the best video editing software in the world for pc and mac. It has thousands of cool features and plugins for helping you edit any kind of videos. This program was created by the Adobe company and still continuing to be developed toward perfection. Numerous features have been presented up until today and every time there’s an update, users seem excited to try the latest update. Are you perhaps still using any other software for video editing? Well i think, now is the time to move on to Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 for a free trial.

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Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 is a part of the Creative Cloud software. You will have access to all the latest updates and future releases the moment they’re available. Let’s sharpen our skills and master all new tools inside this powerful software. Wanna try this cool software before buying it officially? Check out and download adobe premiere pro cc 2018 full version down below for free trial. But first, you need to read adobe premiere pro system requirement alright?

Adobe Premiere Pro System Requirements

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  • OS : Windows 10 latest version or win 8 or win 7
  • CPU : Core 2 Duo is quite laggy, should be with Intel i3 or i5 with 3.0 GHz
  • RAM : at least 4 GB, much better with 8 Gigabytes though
  • Graphics : You don’t need this. Intel graphics is sufficient
  • Storage : SSD, Thunderbolt or USB 3 is recommended

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Premiere Pro CC 2018 v12.1.2 Features :

  • Currently Support any video types, image and audio
  • Free video effects and tools
  • Basic and advanced video editing operations
  • Ability to edit audio within premiere pro with Audio Wave
  • Support any kind of codec and format
  • Fully integrated with photoshop, audition and after effects
  • Really fast and optimized performance
  • Creating subtitles, titles and rolling text
  • Well, you can basically print video to DVD and BluRay disk
  • Fast publication to social media
  • Extremely Increase in performance
  • Drawing time table for more accurate editing
  • Synchronization with Apple Product

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