New Linux Malware steals your password and mines cryptocurrency

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Situs Asia Tech NewsTechno – Malware that aims to mine cryptocurrency has become very popular lately. This is because cryptocurrency is in the spotlight. There are several examples of crypto-mining malware that appear on the device sometimes can cause physical damage. But according to some sources, a new virus targeting Linux does a little more than that.

Linux.BtcMine.174 is the name of the latest virus which mostly aims to mine Monero cryptocurrency. But, besides, malware that contains more than 1,000 lines of code also tries to regulate itself such as to turn off services that are running, hide files, and potentially steal your password.

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Among the many steps needed to rooting themselves into the system. The malware tries to move itself into a folder where it has write permission, gets root access, and increases its own privileges using known exploits. He also added himself to the autorun list and installed a rootkit.

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To do all this the virus gets more power over the system. He will try to stop other software that might mine cryptocurrency, stop services, delete related files (many of which are related to antivirus solutions), and mine Monero. Rootkits even allow it to steal passwords that users enter in the su command, so that it seems to attack in various fields.

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Apart from the ones mentioned above, the virus tries to find another system to infect by seeing all the servers that are connected to the system via SSH and then connecting with them.

This discovery is quite new, and there seems to be no form of mitigation so far, although you can use the latest antivirus to check if you have been infected. Be careful and wise to use your device so that it doesn’t come from installing the application.

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